Here we go.

One of this fall’s milestones reached: today is the launch of Blobster 1.3 and Blobster Lite on appstore. Really excited to see if that will add to our sales. I’m twittering, facebooking, Toucharcade'ing and trying to spread the word any way I can. Blobster has been a huge success, but the competition in the appstore is fierce and we really need to boost our sales. Lot of new stuff in the pipeline, and this is the first step.

People in the know have different opinions about publishing lite versions of iOS apps - some say it could boost sales, while others have the opposite experience. Since our position on the lists have dropped far, far below our former #3 in the US top games list (this summer), we felt we really had nothing to lose. It’s tough to compete with Angry Birds and Cut the rope, but our publishers Chillingo have been a great help.

Anyway, here goes. I’ll let you know the result.

And by the way there’s a Blobster HD (iPad) version and  HD lite version too.

Playgrounds vs theme parks

"In a playground you buy one ticket for all tricks" but ‘‘in a theme park you get free entrance but pay for each trick’’. Player’s comment on cash trade in free online games. From article about Cash Trade in Free-to-play Online Games. See more here.